The Enemy Within

3rd day of Pflugzeit

Bertilda's Journal

3rd day of Pflugzeit, 2522

Bertilda’s journal contains a series of sloppily written, short notes

The docks are disgusting! Avoid when possible.

Iron-breaker dwarf is here — ask about flammables.

Asshole who stole my backpack was with the dwarf. Is her nose in everything?
She can’t find my papers! Reminder: get revenge!

Dead man (Klaus Keller} outside Upright Pig with injury seems to be caused by md*

*Note: She uses “md” for “dark magic,” to conceal this knowledge in case her journal ends up in the wrong (esp. the criminal) hands

Many missing people recently (5 -8 days): Yurgen a fisherman (reward), Rolf a wharfrat (reward), Franz (no reward). Dock area.

Idiot thugs almost started a fight.

The artefact is coming!


voltlov _akallen

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