Bertilda Feuerhärt

Passionate prodigal bright wizard (who doesn't have time for your shit)




Aqshy runs through my veins like no other in my order. You see, I come from a long line of battle wizards who have served the Bright College in Altdorf since its founding. My great-great-great-great-grandmother, Helga, fought in the Battle of the Weeping Glen in 2355. Then, her son, my great-great-great grandfather Otho fought in the Battle of Solland’s Crown in 2380. Let’s see…then his daughter Alise, my great-great-grandmother, fought in the Battle for Axe Bite pass in 2415. My great-grandfather Rayner fought in the Battle of Helfen in 2467. Then, my grandmother Wido fought in the Battle of Bloodpine Woods in 2498. And, most recently, my parents fought in the third Battle of Black Fire Pass against the orcs in 2520. This is just the recent history of my father’s side, mind you, the Feuerhärts.”

Bertilda pauses to finish her flagon of ale, then continues.

“Obviously, I’m going to do great things too, now that I’m moving on from being an apprentice. I would have been promoted years ago if it weren’t for Thyrus, the patriarch, making a show of not playing favorites.”

Bertilda Feuerhärt

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