Graf Friedrich von Kaufman

Minor noble of Averland



Friedrich von Kaufman has sharply chiselled handsome features and wears a closely trimmed beard, cropped brown hair, and a face-spanning handlebar moustache. Von Kaufman always wears the latest fashions in perfectly tailored satin. As a patriotic Averlander, he ensures that much of his wardrobe is cut from cloth in the province’s colours of yellow and black.


Friedrich von Kaufman is a member of one of Averland’s preeminent noble families. He wields political influence outside the scope of what would be expected, given his birth and status, thanks mostly to his extensive familial and social connections, charm, and easy wit.

Friedrich has recently been subjected to many, many proposals of marriage, all of which he has skillfully evaded—much to the chagrin of his mother, Marlene von Kaufman. Amongst his suitors have been both Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum and Amalie von Tuchtenhagen.

Friedrich is not himself in line for the Elector’s seat, and claims to find the matter of the succession very tiresome. He protests only that he wants the next Count or Countess to be the most fit to rule and less prone to dangerous excesses than the previous (perhaps suggesting that the Leitdorf family may all be as mad as their famous cousin Marius).

Graf Friedrich von Kaufman

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