Olga Klinski




Olga works on the docks running a small stall. She buys fish from fishermen and boatmen, guts and fillets them, and sells the various products from her stall. Olga used to work alongside her husband, Jurgen, who fished upon the Aver. He went missing a few days ago during a storm. Olga is normally gregarious and confident, a natural saleswoman with a number of close friends. However, she is currently worried and distant, obsessively trying to track down her husband.


Days before Olga’s husband, Jurgen, went missing, he saved a fop who was drowning in the Aver. This fop was Francis Papillon (who was never a strong swimmer—in spite of growing up in Marienburg, the largest port-city in the Old World). Now that Jurgen is missing, Olga has asked Francis to help find her husband.

Olga Klinski

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