Captain Marcus Baerfaust

Grizzled Veteran of the Averheim Garrison



A lugubrious man with a haunted look who seems to be forever grumbling and muttering, Captain Baerfaust is powerful and stocky, with short, cropped hair and a long, brushed down moustache that accentuates his already morose expression.


Priest Glaubenhammer was close enough to see Captain Baerfaust at the Third Battle of Black Fire Pass, where Count Marius Leitdorf was slain by the orc chieftain, Vorgaz Ironjaw. According to Glaubenhammer, […]

Ultimately, the Empire was victorious, and Baerfaust was lauded by his superiors, but some of the common soldiers whispered that Baerfaust could have saved Leitdorf’s life, but chose not to. Since that day, Baerfaust has not been able to shake the rumours that his resentment over the Halfling Rebellion and his brother’s death made him disloyal to the Mad Count.

It’s not at all helpful that some of those who repeat the rumours do so with Baerfaust in the role of hero, seizing the moment to cast down the Mad Count once and for all, that no Averland soldiers need ever again die in military misadventure.

Captain Marcus Baerfaust

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